Ayush mittal


Feed Generation @ShareChat

Submitted Jun 24, 2019

ShareChat is India’s largest vernacular social network platform built to enable next generation of India’s internet users. ShareChat is available in 14 vernacular languages. At ShareChat our data is fresh, with most users coming online for first time, our primary goal is to server most relevant content to the users at appropriate time. In this talk we will discuss the new challenges these first time internet user present. We will motivate the feed generation problem and give a walkthrough of Feed Generation algorithm at ShareChat.


  1. Introduction to ShareChat
  2. Understanding next billion users
  3. Feed Generation Problem at ShareChat
  4. Building a relevance model
  5. Feed Generation Architecture at ShareChat
  6. Data Challenges: Challenges in designing feed generation for ShareChat and unique insights that ShareChat’s data presents.

Speaker bio

Ayush is currently a lead data scientist at ShareChat. He designs algorithms for content-relevance and feed-generation. Ayush comes with past experience of working on a varied set of data science problems in different domains including Healthcare, Fin-Tech, Life Sciences and Manufacturing domains.



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