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Demystifying Social Network Analysis (SNA)


sandeep khurana


The session is aimed at demystifying the world of network analytics by sharing motivating examples from some popular research papers. I will also provide brief theoretical basis of network analysis, introduce to network metrics, tools and resources. In the last section of the session, I will share some recent applications of SNA from public discourse.


  1. Subject introduction and motivation
  2. Key concepts and terminology
  3. Network Measures
  4. Tools, software used
  5. Analytical techniques
  6. Applications
    • Indian elections 2014
    • #MeToo Movement
    • Indian elections 2019
    • Bollywood network



Speaker bio

I am a researcher and data scientist. My research interests are healthcare, e-commerce and social media. There are exciting possibilities, interesting insights waiting to be uncovered by network analysis. The talk is wide in its coverage and applications to ensure everyone, from geeks to politicians or doctors or journalists are kept onboard and learn something new as much as add to others.


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How We Built a ML Model to Predict Proteins for Insecticidal Activity?


Karnam Vasudeva Rao

To improve the crop plant yield, agriculture companies have successfully adopted development of insect resistant crops by expressing insecticidal (insect killing) proteins in plants. As a leader in Agriculture Biotechnology industry, Bayer tests hundreds of genes every year for insecticidal activity in their proprietary pipeline to develop next generation of insect control solutions. Identification and nomination insecticidal proteins using traditional methods like blast and structure similarity have some drawbacks because of which more than 90% of the nominated proteins end up displaying no or less activity against insects. The testing of these proteins consumes enormous amount of time and resource. So we adopted machine learning (ML) approach to identify these proteins. We generated numerous features for more than 5000 amino acid sequences using a Python toolkit, iFeature, developed by Chen et al, in 2018 and built ML models to identify proteins with insecticidal activity. Proteins identified using this method are tested in the pipeline to check their efficacy against insect pests. Challenges faced while building the model and methods to overcome those challenges are discussed in this presentation. The information in this presentation can be helpful for building models for bio-medical research (example cancer-related proteins, proteins in age-related diseases), agriculture and other domains.

Jun 26, 2019

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