The Fifth Elephant 2012

Finding the elephant in the data.

Messaging architecture at Facebook


30 minutes30 July 2012

Approaches to ML techniques on the Real world data.

Venkata Ramana

22 minutes13 March 2013

Big Data and the Cloud a Best Friend Story

Joseph Ziegler

30 minutes 6 September 2012

In Data We Believe

Harish Pillay

32 minutes27 July 2012

The science behind Predictive Analytics- a Text Mining Perspective

Ankur Pandey

25 minutes13 March 2013

Looking beyond the usual suspects for Near Real Time analytics on Big Data

Navjot Sidhu

26 minutes27 July 2012

Building analyzing and visualizing large graphs

Ashwin Rajeev

24 minutes30 August 2012

Build your own Real Time Analytics and Visualization, Enable Complex Event Processing, Event Patterns and Aggregates

Ramesh Perumalsamy

30 minutes27 July 2012

Finding signal in the noise: How to put big data to use

Goldee Udani

26 minutes13 March 2013

Build Your Own Search Engine

Siddhartha Reddy

24 minutes27 July 2012

GlusterFS "Big Data" Interface

Venky Shankar

18 minutes30 August 2012

Data Explosion in Medical Imaging

Shourya Sarcar

31 minutes30 August 2012

Your Genome on the Cloud: Big Data Challenges in Personalized Medicine

Ramesh Hariharan

44 minutes30 July 2012

Open data and the life sciences: An open world

Kalpana Krishnaswami

46 minutes13 March 2013

RTI & Data: Opportunities, Issues & Challenges

Nikhil Pahwa

42 minutes13 March 2013

The Elephant that Flew - Big Data Analytics @ InMobi

Gaurav Agarwal

46 minutes31 August 2012

Application of Data analytics in Small / Medium Enterprise planning

Arvind Saraf

28 minutes13 March 2013

Targeting the Moment of Truth: Using Big Data in Retail

Amit Kapoor

22 minutes31 August 2012

Structuring data from surveys - A case study from a slum survey conducted in 2010

Onkar Hoysala

29 minutes31 August 2012

“I know what you are going to do next summer” – Predicting Repeat Purchase Behavior by using Bayesian Hierarchical model and Regression Techniques

Biswajit Pal

32 minutes27 July 2012

The Elephant in the Cloud

Joydeep Sen Sarma

23 minutes27 July 2012

Analytics is a magic wand for HR professionals

Karthikeyan Damodaran

35 minutes13 March 2013

Towards Social Semantic Tools

Arvind K

21 minutes13 March 2013

From Data to Action (in Retail Banking)

Anannya Deb

25 minutes30 July 2012

Seeing through the Haze - Advanced Visualisations using Python

Vinayak Hegde

17 minutes 5 September 2012

How your favorite retailers make money from analytics?

Sridhar Bollam

32 minutes13 March 2013

The Data Journalism Handbook

Lucy Chambers

21 minutes13 March 2013

the aRt of NSSO data

Sumandro C

29 minutes13 March 2013

Analytics Platform - Experience and evolution

Prasad A N

28 minutes13 March 2013

Aadhaar - world's largest biometric identity platform (200 trillion biometric matches per day, 2 PB of data)

Regunath Balasubramanian

50 minutes31 July 2012

Exponential Growth Models and Impact on Sales Forecast,Data Volume, Query Latency, Capacity Planning and Search Latency

Ashok Banerjee

42 minutes30 July 2012

Building Watson -- A Brief Overview of DeepQA and the Jeopardy! Challenge

Karthik Visweswariah

44 minutes30 July 2012

Building the Infrastructure to Handle Big Data

Prashant Kumar

20 minutes30 August 2012

How the Internet Archive preserves petabytes of data

Anand Chitipothu

25 minutes27 July 2012

Lessons from the evolution of Mayavi

Prabhu Ramachandran

23 minutes30 August 2012

Introduction to data analysis & visualisation with R

shree joshi

25 minutes13 March 2013

Visualising Text

Anand S

45 minutes27 July 2012

An Introduction to Data Visualization & Processing ( Programming Language)

Uttam Grandhi

27 minutes30 August 2012

A Herd of Elephants - Navigating the Hadoop Ecosystem

Vinayak Hegde

42 minutes 5 September 2012
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