The Fifth Elephant 2012

Finding the elephant in the data.

Lucy Chambers


The Data Journalism Handbook

Submitted Jun 27, 2012

What is Data Journalism? How can I get started? Can anyone do it? What is the Data Journalism scene like in India? This session will tackle questions such as these and will show you that anyone can be a data journalism (and that it is a jolly exciting thing to be!)


We live in an information age, where journalists previously had to work like hunter-gathers, they are now drowning in data. The Data Journalism Handbook aims to help them learn to sail the data seas, targeting questions such as ‘where can I find data?’, ‘how do I work with it?’ and ‘how do I present it to the public?’.

This session will be a discussion of data journalism and how to get started and also of the data journalism scene in India.


A goor pair of ears, questions and enthusiasm. If you have any great examples of data-driven stories from India - please bring them along, we would love to hear about them!

Speaker bio

Lucy Chambers is a Community Coordinator at the Open Knowledge Foundation. She works on the OKFN’s project and Spending Stories, a Knight News Challenge Winner 2011 - helping journalists build context around and fact check spending data. She also coordinates the data-driven-journalism activities of the Foundation, running training sessions for journalists on how to find, work with and present data and was one of the editors of the Data Journalism Handbook.



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