The Fifth Elephant 2012

Finding the elephant in the data.

Sumandro C


the aRt of NSSO data

Submitted Apr 25, 2012

Understanding the structure of raw data published by the National Sample Survey Office. Understanding the processes (and libraries) for extracting, exploring and visualising the data with R.


First part of the session demystifies the organisation of raw data published by NSSO. We discuss the different rounds and schedules of data collection by NSSO, and the specificities of the published datasets.

In the second part, we discuss the process of extracting the raw data into formats that can be statistically manipulated and the challenges therein.

We conclude by briefly noting few R libraries that can be used for exploratory visualisation of the extracted data.


Interest of NSSO data, and open-source statistics and visualisation using R.

Speaker bio

I am a researcher with linked interests in political economy, urban transformations, social and spatial theories and in issues of technology and society.

Previously a student of economics, I am keenly interested in data visualisation and web-based mapping; as well as in critical perspectives on and political dimensions of data resources and its use for governance or in everyday contexts.



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