The Fifth Elephant 2012

Finding the elephant in the data.

Prasad A N

Analytics Platform - Experience and evolution

Submitted Jun 22, 2012

With the growth of video on the web & the explosion of social networks, analytics around media consumption is a prime field of late. In this talk, we explore Akamai’s offering for analytics, the media context, the needs thereof, the technology & its evolution. Not to mention, the challenges of doing at at internet scale!


Analytics is an involving ask; the challenges are multi-fold. On one side, the technology required to handle huge data volumes, & on the other side, needs of the customer & domain which constantly evolve. Add to that, the demands of instantaneous data availability. In the course of developing an analytics solution for media consumption & then extending it to other domains (ex. security), we learnt a lot & this talk is all about sharing the same.

Here is how we will go about that talk -

  • An introduction to Akamai Media Analytics, the product & the domain

  • The technology infrastructure that runs it for us - at an architectural level. The nuances of delayed reporting & near real time reporting

  • The data & reporting flexibility that empowers our customers; how the platform makes it happen

  • Q&A



Speaker bio

Prasad A N, Manager with Akamai Media Engineering, leads the development of Analytics infrastructure & products.

Girish Chandramohan, Architect with Akamai Media Engineering, designs & implements Analytics infrastructure concerns.


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