The Fifth Elephant 2012

Finding the elephant in the data.

Supreet Sethi


Start with step 0 -> Approaching big data for small enterprises

Submitted Jun 21, 2012

Big data promises business gains. But a small and medium enterprise finds itself in dilemma of where to start. This session provides refreshingly simple steps from familiar territory of excel sheets and database tables to high rolling game of big data.


To provide information on significance of using data processing parallelism and there-after provide baby steps on how to transform your data to harness big data to your advantage.


Ability to use excel for data analysis

Speaker bio

Supreet Sethi is co-founder of Hireswift, a recruitment platform, which places itself at disposal of customer so that they can take full advantage of contemporary technologies to speed up conversions from candidates to employees. Supreet formally worked for Equalmedia, a UK based start-up, where he helped transform large data sources into knowledge graphs.


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