The Fifth Elephant 2012

Finding the elephant in the data.

Arvind K


Towards Social Semantic Tools

Submitted Jul 2, 2012

People on social media sites like twitter, facebook, etc have been generating a lot of data for some time now and there has been attempts to analyse the sentiment of the moment - say for example to guess the trend of some stock price. However, for most of us this data is of interest if we can assimilate something of interest and present it in a different context. We present a simple set of tools, ala semantic web, to enable this process for everyday needs.


An example of a conversation related to a certain context that is happening elsewhere is the case of the following blog. The author, say J, of the blog post has disabled comments on the post in his own blog but has suggested a link where the comments and discussion could go on. The discussion could also have also been on twitter, facebook or a blog. We show how this discussion in particular and other discussions of interest can be pulled together on to the same page/context of the post of the original author so one need not click through to go elsewhere for discussions. After this example, we briefly describe how this technique can be used by anyone to develop digital heritage walks by assimilating relevant content on the web.

Speaker bio

Arvind is a FOSS enthusiast. He has been working on web and semantic technologies for almost 2 years now.



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