Droidcon India 2012

India's largest Android Conference

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8 February 2013

Move as i speak

Phanindra Rachamalla

3 November 2012

Mobile User Experience Design - What developers usually miss

Amrit Sanjeev

17 January 2013

Location Based Shopping Application - DelightCircle

Yashwanth Kumar

4 November 2012

Cross Platform Development: Bridging the Gap

Priyank Gupta

17 January 2013

Using Appcelerator Titanium To Build Native Android Apps Without The Native Pain

Gaurav Kheterpal

17 January 2013

Lets Code an Android App with "Javascript" using Titanium

Ravindra Kumar

17 January 2013

Take your Android app offline with SMS

Gopi Krishnan

17 January 2013

Using MAT (Memory Analyzer Tool) to understand memory issues in your app

Kakkirala Lakshman

12 December 2012

Android Accessory development with Beaglebone

Pankaj Bharadiya

17 January 2013

Advanced Controls for Android Games

umashankar chidige

9 February 2013

Mymobiledash - A Drupal based Platform for Mobile apps

Prateek Jain

17 January 2013

Building the Flipkart Flyte MP3 app, the 'Lean Startup' way

Gaurav Lochan

12 December 2012

Writing Toolkits, Frameworks and Plugins. A Developer Masterclass in Writing Re-usable Code.

James Hugman

4 November 2012

Dr DroidLove a.k.a How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Fragmentation

Aditya Shankar

8 February 2013

Deep Dive into GCM ( Google Cloud Messaging) for Android

prajyot mainkar

17 January 2013

Exploring the 'ketai' library for faster development of advanced android features

Sriram Narasimhan

17 January 2013

Indian Language App.Development Framework for Android 2.x


17 January 2013

Optimizing for Battery - Measuring and managing power consumption of Android apps

Kumar Rangarajan

6 November 2012

Why, What & How of Monetization using Ads

Ravi Vyas

17 January 2013

Constructive Design for Android

Isaac Wesley

4 November 2012

Building your app for multiple app stores

Timur Dyussebayev

17 January 2013

Behind the Scenes : Creating Android Devices

Shree Kumar

17 January 2013

Android UI prototyping 101: What? Why? How?

Soham Mondal

17 January 2013

The Real Incident of Stealing a Droid App+Data in daytime

Akash Mahajan

3 November 2012