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prajyot mainkar


Deep Dive into GCM ( Google Cloud Messaging) for Android

Submitted Aug 24, 2012

Talk would comprise of Google Cloud Messaging for Android (GCM) service, which improves upon the deprecated Cloud to Device Messaging framework (C2DM) and would be under the title “Enterprise App Development”

Session would entitle with building enterprise application using GCM technology on android. Realtime examples and code-preview and demo.


Android can be interestingly triggered by rolling your own code using the Google Services and one of the best is Google Cloud Messaging for Android (GCM) earlier known as C2DM.
The topic would cover two important concepts -
1) C2DM to GCM Migration - Starting with GCM from C2DM and the Difference between the two.
2) GCM Optimization For Enterprise Apps - which would cover the Data Related Entities and Resource Management


Nothing in specific.

Speaker bio

Prajyot is leading Product based organization, SPM Softwares & Designers based in India. SPM primarily innovates products on Android and CMS .

Prajyot is himself an android developer and has been mentor for various mobile app building strategy and initiatives around india. He heads the GDG Goa Android User Group and also regular blogger at various startup blogs across india in the mobile sector.


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