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Isaac Wesley


Constructive Design for Android

Submitted Aug 31, 2012

Push pixels the right way. What really is the secret sauce in Instagram, Foursquare, Path, FlipBoard, Evernote (etc...)? Great designs never started with photoshop, it all started with your simple clean idea.

The goal of this session is to look at some of the emerging best design practices and patterns when bootstrapping your android app. Never the less this session would also be focused on entrepreneurs and hackers as well, on thinking design as a communication tool rather than decoration.


This talk is about how to marry your innate skills in creative ideas with your simple design and crafting compelling, handsome apps. Android apps have been heavily criticized in the past due to poor user experience. One of the reasons why this happened is lack of solid & consistent UI patterns. Through this session we will deconstruct a variety of successful mobile experiences from the old green screens to today’s hottest android apps. Here are some of it’s abstracts.

  • We will identify why apps need stories, and how some successful apps like instagram, path and foursquare are still users favorite since they have a simple story behind them.

  • Get to know the lego blocks of your app. User experience are what people feel and think about your app. To sell a strong emotional user experience you gotta make your apps not more than 3 steps/navigation.

  • A good interface is a thousand details done right. As a designer you need to understand your audience even better than they understand themselves. We will learn how to gain empathy on our target audience through design, details and the experience.

  • We will also get techie on Learning the design language of Android. This will include where and when and how to use

    1. Action Bar
    2. Drawers
    3. View Pagers
    4. Multi-pane layouts
    5. Fragments
    6. Encapsulation

    in the context of design. Because these are the coolest new patterns that are found successful in android apps.

  • We will progress to understand the pixel language of android. Learning where to avoid and conceive complexities in an app. I would showcase a live working demo of a complex app that I’m working on and how I pushed its pixels from design to working app (photoshop to .apk)

  • Design is not about products; it’s about people.

Speaker bio

[Isaac John Wesley] 2

A design grad (visual communication). I started to design since the age 12 and started to code android a year back. I’m a self thought hacker and I have successfully launched my first app [The God’s Word] 1 in playstore recently which has found some pretty good traction. I’m working on my second app which is completely custom in terms of design, yet a simple idea. I’m currently engaged with a startup of 3 people, me being the designer with a hacker and a hustler.


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