Droidcon India 2012

India's largest Android Conference

James Hugman


Writing Toolkits, Frameworks and Plugins. A Developer Masterclass in Writing Re-usable Code.

Submitted Oct 9, 2012

Software is eating other industries all over the world.

The strength of software, why it is so successful – its malleability, its lack of physicality, its repeatability – is also its Achilles Heal.

As developers of software, how do we respond to that? How do we turn those properties into our strengths?

This session is about the quest of elegance and writing as little code as possible. It aims to be a levelling up in their craft for intermediate and advanced developers looking to move from developer to senior to architect.

It will focus on writing toolkits and frameworks. You won’t need to be building them to appreciate these insights, but you may end up wanting to.


This is a tutorial session, which may require some amount of audience participation.

No suits allowed.

Speaker bio

James is a successful and experienced software engineer. He has been writing software for 25 years, 4 of which on mobile, and has architected compilers, general purpose genetic algorithms, reasoning engines and latterly, Kirin.

He brings to this session opinions and a few facts. The opinions are bourne out of years of doing the failed experiments, over-engineering, making things you’re not going to need, and making mistakes so you don’t have to. The facts he looked up on Wikipedia.


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