Droidcon India 2012

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Priyank Gupta


Cross Platform Development: Bridging the Gap

Submitted Oct 22, 2012

Objective of this session is to present a new paradigm that allows developers to increase code reusability when doing cross platform mobile development, along with the flexibility of choose Native or HTML5 components for front-end and back-end.


Mobile is the new Web. With advent of multiple mobile platforms and ecosystems, various cross platform solutions are on a rise. With businesses aiming for “Cover your bases strategy”** some of the traditional solutions have ranged from using a mix of native-backend but a HTML5 front-end or a Native front-end and a common API back-end. For complex apps the real value of reusability lies in controller logic. With traditional approaches it’s been hard to have reusable controllers and yet have a polished Native front-end. What if, we had a framework that would allow you to keep controller as a reusable component and yet allow you to choose between HTML5 or Native front-end/back-end? This is now possible, using the “Bridge approach” to cross-platform Mobile.

This session aims at presenting an approach, that developers and business can leverage alike to have more re-usability across platforms and yet plug in HTML5 or Native components wherever they desire. The common core not only encompasses core logic but also shared UI components. Besides highlighting the benefits and possible use cases where common core can be used, the session will also present the scenarios where having a native component in the app can provide a better user experience.

At the end of the session, attendees will understand the new paradigm that allows and focuses on the reusability of complex controller logic and UI components with a clear understanding of where such an approach fits and where it doesn’t work. Attendes can also get a insight into the internals and implementation of this approach in a follow up session that would be done by Tanay Jayawant. Please do attend that, if you’d like to see this into action.

This session is targeted at anyone having an intermediate to advanced mobile or web development experience.



An open mind. Some mobile development experience and context on how Cross Platform approaches traditionally work. Experience with an existing cross platform approach would be a plus.

Speaker bio

Priyank is an Application Developer with ThoughtWorks with around 9 years of experience with custom Web Development. Since 2009 Priyank has experimented with Android development on several pet projects. For last several months Priyank has been involved in delivering complex mobile solutions that follow hybrid and native approaches both.

Being exposed to nuances of each approach Priyank has a balanced view of challenges and advantages of cross platform development in Mobile World.





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