Droidcon India 2012

India's largest Android Conference

Aditya Shankar


Dr DroidLove a.k.a How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Fragmentation

Submitted Oct 19, 2012

Android Fragmentation - what is it? Should we be worried? How do we deal with it?


We’ve all heard about Android fragmentation, but lets take some time to dig a little deeper..

Just how fragmented is the Android ecosystem, do people just like complaining about this or do we really have hundreds and hundreds of combinations to deal with?

OK, so it’s fragmented, but it’s the same OS right, just in a slightly different flavour? should we be really worried?

OK, OK so it’s fragmented and we really do need to deal with, but what can we do about it?

Actually as it turns out, there is a fair amount we can do to deal with it, from the perspective of someone who’s just fresh from a bout with the fragmentation fairy I’m going try and answer these questions.

(PS: not in anyway related to the big bomb and Kubrick movies)

Speaker bio

Co-founder, Director of Levitum (www.levitum.com) Aditya’s is focused on bringing innovative user experiences to mobile & social applications. A seasoned architect with expertise in building scalable applications. For the last few years Aditya’s been building Android and iOS apps, which collectively have now seen over a million installs, on phones tablets and phablets :)



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