Droidcon India 2012

India's largest Android Conference

Kumar Rangarajan


Optimizing for Battery - Measuring and managing power consumption of Android apps

Submitted Sep 14, 2012

Users will learn about tools and techniques that will help measure/manage/optimize power/battery consumption of their Android app.


Battery consumption is a huge pain for any smartphone user, more so on the Android world, as it allows greater access and flexibility for the apps that run on it. Apps, if not written properly, can quickly become a battery hog, and hurt end-user experience. But unfortunately there are not many tools that help the app developers to measure their app’s power consumption and in-turn help optimize it.

“Little Eye” is a power profiler, which was built to handle the above problem, including benchmarking your app’s power consumption.

The talk will focus on explaining about the various issues related to power consumption of Android apps. It will include discussion on what developers can do to optimize for power, plus a demo of the “Little Eye” tool, and how one can use the tool to get fine grained details about their app’s power consumption.

Speaker bio

Kumar Rangarajan is a co-founder and chief ion @ little eye labs, which builds tools for mobile app developers and testers. The product “little eye” is from their stables. Earlier to this, he was part of the Purify+ development team @ Rational (IBM), building memory profilers and before that was part of the HPUX compiler and linker team.





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