JSFoo 2019

JSFoo 2019

On component architecture, front-end engineering and Developer Experience (DX)

TDD for web applications

Prakhar Dixit

6 minutes28 October 2019

Securing modern web applications

Manish Aggarwal

6 minutes28 October 2019

How to crack coding interviews with large companies


6 minutes28 October 2019

On Jam Stack

6 minutes28 October 2019

Why I recommend using CDNs

Param Aggarwal

5 minutes28 October 2019

Deepak Pathania

6 minutes28 October 2019

Sponsored keynote: Enhancing Node.js apps outcomes with Kubernetes and CI/CD

Reenu Saluja, Software engineer at Microsoft Corporation

28 minutes27 October 2019

Why accessibility is important for UI engineering

Mohit BP

4 minutes28 October 2019

Three tips to make a rich component richer

Rakesh Paladugula, Training manager for accessibility at Adobe

30 minutes27 October 2019

What or how not to do in Redis world

Aram Bhusal Principal Engineer at Zoomcar

32 minutes28 October 2019

Sprinkle JavaScript with StimulusJS

Leena S N, Co-founder and CTO at Good Karma

14 minutes27 October 2019

How CloudCherry built a world-class Angular app

Aravind Krishnaswamy, VP of Products at CloudCherry

41 minutes27 October 2019

Deploying and managing CSP: the browser-side firewall

Lavakumar Kuppan, Co-founder at Ironwasp Security

41 minutes22 November 2019

Building a high performance mobile-first web app: a case study of Jabong PWA

Upendra Dev Singh, Director of Engineering at Myntra Jabong

41 minutes27 October 2019

If you are going to transpile JS, why not use ClojureScript?

Shivek Khurana, Fullstack Clojure developer at JUXT

28 minutes28 October 2019

Building for developer experience

Rahul Kadyan, Senior software engineer at Myntra

42 minutes27 October 2019

Learning to learn ReasonML

Jasim A Basheer, founder of Protoship

27 minutes28 October 2019

Sponsored talk: Jira Frontend architecture (r)evolution: a story of mistakes, revelations and human nature

Nadia Makarevich, Senior developer and tech lead at Atlassian

39 minutes27 October 2019

A spy in the battle of privacy

Himanshu Kapoor, Senior front-end engineer at Gitlab.Inc

38 minutes27 October 2019

Developing in a large monorepo

Jai Santhosh, Software developer at Microsoft Research

28 minutes28 October 2019

Building painless scheduling systems in Node

Deepak Pathania, Senior software engineer at INDwealth

23 minutes28 October 2019

Breaking down the last monolith

Rahul Gaur, UI/UX platform lead at Innovaccer

41 minutes27 October 2019

Generating comics with JS

Anand S, co-founder of Gramener

31 minutes27 October 2019

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