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JSFoo 2019

On component architecture, front-end engineering and Developer Experience (DX)



Aravind Krishnaswamy


How CloudCherry built a world-class Angular app

Submitted Sep 13, 2019

CloudCherry recently accepted Cisco’s intent to acquire them. This is a milestone in their journey building world-class products from their India R&D. All of their front-end has been built in Angular by a small high performance team. This talk shares their journey, highlighting key decisions made and their implications.


This talk will include

  • Component Design - how do you approach building a large number of interrelated components in a fast changing environment?
  • Architecture - how do you approach state management patterns?
  • Design Systems - beyond just a UI toolkit, how do you establish principles for driving repeatable patterns?
  • Performance - as your application gets more complex, how do you approach improving front-end performance?
  • Ongoing Maintenance - how do you approach ongoing development with an eye towards ongoing maintenance as new releases come up?
  • Hiring - how do you look for the best frontend talent? How long before new hires are productive?
  • Career Paths - what are growth paths for the team? Full stack? Front-end architect?

Speaker bio

Aravind Krishnaswamy, mostly known as Arvi, serves as VP - Products for CloudCherry. He is an entrepreneur, innovator, and tech executive, who has spent twenty years in several leadership roles across the globe. With CloudCherry, he helps businesses measure and enhance the customer experience across the entire journey.
Based in Bengaluru, Arvi enjoys traveling with family, animal welfare, and is an ardent fan of Federer.


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