JSFoo 2019

Annual conference of 800+ front-end, backend and fullstack engineers

JSFoo 2019

JSFoo 2019

Annual conference of 800+ front-end, backend and fullstack engineers


27–28 Sep 2019, Bangalore


NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bangalore


JSFoo is HasGeek’s annual JavaScript conference. JSFoo is in its ninth edition this year. The conference will take place on 27 and 28 September, at the NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bangalore.

See videos from previous editions of JSFoo here: https://hasgeek.tv/jsfoo


The 2019 edition is a single-track event with talks (in auditorium 1), Birds of Feather (BOF) sessions and round tables at the NIMHANS Convention Centre.

The theme for JSFoo 2019 is component architecture. Your web applications these days are typically composed of multiple components such as React, Angular, Vue, Ember and, others. We’d therefore like to hear talks about:

  1. How do you architect applications with numerous components? What complexities arise in the process? How do you mitigate these complexities?
  2. Case studies about apps that have two components for front-end. Is your app’s front-end architected with Angular and Vue, for example? In which case, how does front-end and backend technology work? Tell us more.
  3. What is the workflow, process and organization of web development teams working on apps that have multiple components?

Talks on component architecture will form the core of JSFoo talks for the first session, on both the days. Apart from this, we are accepting talks on:

  1. JavaScript and security, including framework-specific security concerns (node.js and exploits, for example), authentication and, security audits.
  2. Latest developments in JavaScript and the web ecosystem – the cutting edge.
  3. Best practices: debugging and profiling on the web, testing, measuring performance.
  4. JS off the web – conversational UI, Raspberry Pi, IoT, JS and music.

Who attends JSFoo:

JSFoo is a conference for practitioners, by practitioners. The following profiles attend JSFoo:

  1. Working on apps, websites and services which make use of JS or related technologies.
  2. Those engineering or developing front end technology
  3. Senior software developers
  4. Fullstack engineers
  5. Those interested in learning about web application security


For tickets and sponsorships, contact info@hasgeek.com or call +91-7676332020. For queries about proposing talks, write to jsfoo.editorial@hasgeek.com


  • Generating comics with JS

    Anand S

    Generating comics with JS

    Why do we need to bother with comics?

    Sample static content

    How can we control comic content using data analysis

    Sample GIF

    How we built a library to automate this

    Library screenshot

  • Constraint Driven Development

    Swanand Pagnis

    Constraint Driven Development

    Since the context is around four refactorings, the talk is also made up of as many sections.

    1. Migrating from Neo4j to PostgreSQL. (8 minutes)
    2. Changing primary keys from UUID to Integer while maintaining referential integrity. (7 minutes)
    3. Moving from a “shared and federated data” model to multi-tenant like “shared nothing” model. (8 minutes)
    4. Getting rid of a join-table in the most central relationship in the app, and using triggers in conjunction with constraints to being reliability into the process. (7 minutes)

    Apart from talking about constraints, I will also touch upon “adjacent” principles that were a part of this process, such as idempotency, iterative development, and testability.

    Intro and conclusion together: ~5 minutes.
    Buffer time for adjustments: ~5 minutes.

  • Rethinking Frontend Apps with Svelte

    Umang Galaiya

    Rethinking Frontend Apps with Svelte

    • A bit about Svelte
    • Introduction to Reactive Programming
    • DX vs. UX, and what Svelte proposes
    • Introduction to writing code in Svelte
    • Similarities and differences with existing solutions
    • Live examples in the REPL




NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bangalore
NIMHANS Convention Centre
Dairy Circle
Bangalore 560027