JSFoo 2019

JSFoo 2019

On component architecture, front-end engineering and Developer Experience (DX)

Rahul Gaur


Breaking Down The Last Monolith

Submitted Aug 19, 2019

Case of migrating Largescale Angular1.x web application into Service Oriented Frontend Architecture (Aka MicroFrontends) which incorporates AppShell based Architecture.

  • What is Micro Frontends ?
  • Why it should matter to you ?
  • Innovaccer’s Case Study of migrating large angular 1.x application
  • Self Contained Systems

We will discuss some of the most popular ways to do the vertical decomposition for the frontend in order to achieve
following objectives while incorporating Service Oriented Frontend Architecture:

  • Team Ownership
  • Develop Independently
  • Run Independently
  • Technology Agnostic
  • Fast Loading
  • Native Support
  • Sharing Basics
  • Modular
  • Corporate Identity
  • Smooth User Interaction


With a monolithic frontend you never get the pliability to scale across groups as assured by microservices. Besides not being able to scale, there is also the classical overhead of a separate backend and frontend team. Each time there is a breaking change in the API of one of the services, the frontend has to be updated. Especially when a feature is added to a service, the frontend has to be updated to ensure your customers can even use the feature.

If you have a frontend small enough it can be maintained by a team which is also responsible for one or more services which are coupled to the frontend. This means that there is no overhead in cross team communication. But because the frontend and the backend can not be worked on independently, you are not really doing microservices.

This talk will describe our experiences, learnings and challenges that we encountered while breaking down our frontend monolith and running it in production since last 18 months.


Need to have basic knowledge of SPA’s and possibly server side rendering.

Speaker bio

I am a fullstack engineer who has spent last two years reasearching and enginnering enterprise grade solution for developing resilient large scale application platform for one of the fastest growing Healthcare Platform in United States.
Currently Leading the Node.JS and UI/UX platform at Innovaccer.
5+ years of experience specializing in UI/UX, web application development, backend/infrastructure.
GSoC 2011, 2013





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