The Fifth Elephant 2023 Winter

The Fifth Elephant 2023 Winter

On the engineering and business implications of AI & ML



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Event highlights:


Why Large Language Models are important in AI

In 2020, OpenAI released a Large Language Model (LLM) called GPT3 which has a billion parameters. With a minimal and intuitive user interface which was released to go with GPT3, it caught the imagination and attention of AI communities and researchers all over the world.
One by one, the domain use cases such as co-pilots for coding, creative AI, and other downstream tasks were shown to be fast-tracked by GenerativeAI models and LLMs. As such, there is a wide-ranging interest in large language models and applications around them for various domains and use cases in the AI space. Experiments which aim to find optimal hyperparameters, and those dealing with underfitting and overfitting models are being carried out regularly; more and more barriers are being broken down every day.

The Fifth Elephant 2023 Winter edition will cover topics on the research, engineering, and business aspects of AI, exploring the practical implementation and economic implications of these systems.


The winter edition of The Fifth Elephant will showcase talks, discussions and demos across generative and multimodal AI, and other classic AI/ML/DL applications on the below themes.

AI engineering Track

Share approaches and case studies covering the following use cases:

  • Products and platforms using LLMs, GenerativeAI, ML, and Deep Learning techniques, and business formulation around AI engineering.
  • Conversational AI and search, automatic speech recognition, healthcare, e-commerce, fintech, media and OTT, and other verticals.
  • Multilingual needs in India in digital products/platforms - features discussions, models training, finetuning, RLHF, RAGs, quantization techniques, dataset curation and augmentations, challenges faced in pipelines, evaluation metrics, future roadmaps, applications such as multilingual voice bots using ASR/STT, text to speech for accessibility.

Data Science operations track

Share case studies and experiential talks on handling the operations for data science such as scaling challenges and fine-tuning challenges, and lessons learned, and best practices for incorporating ethics, safety, and bias.

Demo track

Show demos on features/products which leverage AI and LLM-based APIs and models. It can be from creative AI, generative AI space, and various verticals with relevant use cases.

The Fifth Elephant membership

The December edition will be held in-person. Attendance is open to The Fifth Elephant members only. Pick a membership to attend the in-person conference, and to support The Fifth Elephant’s community activities.

Who will benefit from participating in The Fifth Elephant community:

  1. AI/ML/Data Science Ops engineers who want to learn about state-of-the-art tools and techniques, especially from domains such as health care, e-commerce, automobile, agri-tech and industrial verticals
  2. Data scientists who want a deeper understanding of model deployment/governance.
  3. Architects who are building ML workflows that scale.
  4. Tech founders and CTOs who are building products and platforms that leverage AI, ML and LLMs
  5. Product managers, who want to learn about the process of building AI/ML products.
  6. Directors, VPs and senior tech leadership who are building AI/ML teams.


Sponsorship slots are open for:

  1. Infrastructure (GPU, CPU and cloud providers) and developer productivity tool makers who want to evangelise their offering to developers and decision-makers.
  2. Companies who want to do tech branding among AI and ML developers.
  3. Venture Capital (VC) firms and investors who want to scan the landscape of innovations and innovators in AI and who want to source leads for investment in the AI and ML space.
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Contact information

Join The Fifth Elephant Telegram group on or WhatsApp group. Follow @fifthel on Twitter.
For inquiries, call The Fifth Elephant on +91-7676332020 or leave a comment here.

Featured submissions

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  • bargava


    Revolutionizing Radiology Reports: Leveraging AI and LLMs for Improved Quality and Actionability

    Overview In the era of data-driven healthcare, the quality and actionability of healthcare reports are critical. With improved access to diagnostics, radiology plays a pivotal role in adminstering care. more

    30 Sep 2023

  • Vikram Vij

    Forecasting Architecture, Metrics and Learnings @ Samsung Ads

    Samsung Ads is an intuitive audience platform that delivers meaningful experiences reaching the right audience across screens, formats and devices. With more than 900M Mobiles and 150M Smart TVs, and the largest first party data set powered by ACR, we help marketers reach targets and enhance experiences that span digital landscapes. The business has grown 10x since 2015. Our foundation is based o… more

    22 Nov 2023

  • Anuj Gupta

    Anuj Gupta

    AI Maturity Continuum: A Three-Step Model to Understand Return On Investment (ROI) in AI

    Building AI models/systems doesn’t come cheap. Data, Compute Talent, Time - it all comes at a high price in the AI world. Given the size of the investment, be it a 0-1 startup or MNC, it is important to understand the ROI (Return On Investment) upfront. more

    15 Sep 2023

  • Tanuja Ganu

    Video thumbnail

    Shiksha copilot

    Title Shiksha copilot- Empowering teachers to create best learning experiences more

    08 Nov 2023

  • Anantharam

    Chatting with Flipkart: How GenAI Revolutionised Online Shopping

    Abstract In India’s offline markets, shopping is always about having an interactive dialogue. Yet, as e-commerce platforms evolved, dense UI interfaces clouded and removed conversational experience. With GenAI, we at Flipakrt have revitalized this dialogue. We called it Conversational Commerce more

    31 Aug 2023

  • Abhishek Mungoli

    Scaling Recommendations @ Meesho: Lessons from Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest Ranking & Retrieval Strategies

    Abstract In this session, we’ll deep-dive into Recommendation Systems, with a special focus on two critical stages: Retrieval and Ranking. We’ll begin by examining how different industries implement large-scale Retrieval Systems tailored to their specific needs. To illustrate our points, we’ll take a closer look at the Retrieval Systems used by Twitter and Instagram, even though both are social n… more

    01 Nov 2023

  • Anantharam

    Conversational Search in Flipkart

    Abstract With Conversational Commerce becoming more popular, the way people search for products on a Conversational (Chat) Interface is very different from the way they search on a traditional “Search Text Box” based interface. This talk is around the differences, the challenges they pose and the solutionn to those challenges based on our learnings in Flipkart. more

    11 Sep 2023

  • Anuj Gupta

    Anuj Gupta

    Economics of AI

    It is widely believed that the next few unicorns and decacorns will come from AI. This should hardly be surprising - AI is one of those once-in-a-lifetime technological advances that can change the life of every human on earth. Its impact on mankind will be no less than the impact of industrialization or electricity. more

    18 Sep 2023

  • Akshat Gupta

    Automated Genre Based Music Morphing using AI

    Abstract In the realm of audio processing and music production, automated genre-based audio morphing is an emerging field that merges the creative boundaries of different music genres through the power of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP). This innovative approach leverages textual prompts to drive the transformation of audio content, transcending traditional genre constraint… more

    30 Sep 2023

  • Rumanu

    How Differential Privacy Changed The World

    How Differential Privacy Changed The World and how engineering it into your pipelines can lead you to comply with legal requirements and meet consumer wants and needs. more

    25 Oct 2023

  • Shyam Choudhary

    Video Highlights Generation

    Abstract Roposo is a live video platform with over ~200 million end users with ~1000 live videos getting uploaded every day, each lasting 15 minutes to 3 hours. In order to increase engagement and improve user experience, we are trying to create a central video feed which will have assets that can easily consumed. This requires converting our events and creator led videos to shorter formats like … more

    03 Nov 2023

  • Santosh GSK

    AI Powered Advertising

    Abstract (Problem) Scaling digital ads heavily relies on testing new ads. Many brands are unable to scale even though they have budgets due to lack of ads to test. The biggest challenge for any advertiser is to come up with new Ad ideas, design those Ads and track them at a fast pace so that the ad costs can be reduced. more

    04 Nov 2023

  • Sumit Saha

    Automating Knowledge Extraction for Training Content Generation with LLMs @ SquadStack

    Abstract In traditional BPOs, training sales representatives is challenging, primarily due to limited visibility into the universe of knowledge that the representatives have to stay on top of. This limitation often results in suboptimal sales interactions with customers. Furthermore, the creation of thorough and timely training materials is a time-consuming endeavor, even before the actual traini… more

    13 Nov 2023

  • Gaurav Shukla

    Accelerating Generative AI initiatives with AMD SharkStudio Technology

    Discover AMD SharkStudio, a tool to simplify Generative AI initiatives. With an easy-to-use interface, SharkStudio empowers users to interact effortlessly with open source LLMs and Stable Diffusion Models, delivering enhanced performance on AMD hardware. SharkStudio provides a low friction deployment from laptops (Ryzen) to datacenters (EPYC CPU, and MI210/MI250 GPU). more

    15 Nov 2023


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See all
Automating Knowledge Extraction for Training Content Generation with LLMs @ SquadStack

Automating Knowledge Extraction for Training Content Generation with LLMs @ SquadStack

Sumit Saha - SquadStack

15 minutes 8 December 2023
AI Powered Advertising

AI Powered Advertising

Santosh GSK - Grad Commerce AI Services

17 minutes 8 December 2023
Near Real time Feature Engineering for Machine Learning use cases at Myntra Scale

Near Real time Feature Engineering for Machine Learning use cases at Myntra Scale

Narayana Patipatti, Aditya S - Myntra

32 minutes 8 December 2023
Building LLM Apps up to 20x Faster using Microservices Architecture

Building LLM Apps up to 20x Faster using Microservices Architecture

Ankur Agarwal - Sugarcane AI

18 minutes 8 December 2023
Accelerating Generative AI initiatives with AMD SharkStudio Technology

Accelerating Generative AI initiatives with AMD SharkStudio Technology

Gaurav Shukla, Phaneesh Barwaria - AMD

10 minutes 8 December 2023


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