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The Fifth Elephant 2023 Winter

On the engineering and business implications of AI & ML

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Accepting submissions till 15 Nov 2023, 11:59 PM

Bangalore International Centre (BIC), Bengaluru



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Event highlights:


Why Large Language Models are important in AI

In 2020, OpenAI released a Large Language Model (LLM) called GPT3 which has a billion parameters. With a minimal and intuitive user interface which was released to go with GPT3, it caught the imagination and attention of AI communities and researchers all over the world.
One by one, the domain use cases such as co-pilots for coding, creative AI, and other downstream tasks were shown to be fast-tracked by GenerativeAI models and LLMs. As such, there is a wide-ranging interest in large language models and applications around them for various domains and use cases in the AI space. Experiments which aim to find optimal hyperparameters, and those dealing with underfitting and overfitting models are being carried out regularly; more and more barriers are being broken down every day.

The Fifth Elephant 2023 Winter edition will cover topics on the research, engineering, and business aspects of AI, exploring the practical implementation and economic implications of these systems.


The winter edition of The Fifth Elephant will showcase talks, discussions and demos across generative and multimodal AI, and other classic AI/ML/DL applications on the below themes.

AI engineering Track

Share approaches and case studies covering the following use cases:

  • Products and platforms using LLMs, GenerativeAI, ML, and Deep Learning techniques, and business formulation around AI engineering.
  • Conversational AI and search, automatic speech recognition, healthcare, e-commerce, fintech, media and OTT, and other verticals.
  • Multilingual needs in India in digital products/platforms - features discussions, models training, finetuning, RLHF, RAGs, quantization techniques, dataset curation and augmentations, challenges faced in pipelines, evaluation metrics, future roadmaps, applications such as multilingual voice bots using ASR/STT, text to speech for accessibility.

Data Science operations track

Share case studies and experiential talks on handling the operations for data science such as scaling challenges and fine-tuning challenges, and lessons learned, and best practices for incorporating ethics, safety, and bias.

Demo track

Show demos on features/products which leverage AI and LLM-based APIs and models. It can be from creative AI, generative AI space, and various verticals with relevant use cases.

The Fifth Elephant membership

The December edition will be held in-person. Attendance is open to The Fifth Elephant members only. Pick a membership to attend the in-person conference, and to support The Fifth Elephant’s community activities.

Who will benefit from participating in The Fifth Elephant community:

  1. AI/ML/Data Science Ops engineers who want to learn about state-of-the-art tools and techniques, especially from domains such as health care, e-commerce, automobile, agri-tech and industrial verticals
  2. Data scientists who want a deeper understanding of model deployment/governance.
  3. Architects who are building ML workflows that scale.
  4. Tech founders and CTOs who are building products and platforms that leverage AI, ML and LLMs
  5. Product managers, who want to learn about the process of building AI/ML products.
  6. Directors, VPs and senior tech leadership who are building AI/ML teams.


Sponsorship slots are open for:

  1. Infrastructure (GPU, CPU and cloud providers) and developer productivity tool makers who want to evangelise their offering to developers and decision-makers.
  2. Companies who want to do tech branding among AI and ML developers.
  3. Venture Capital (VC) firms and investors who want to scan the landscape of innovations and innovators in AI and who want to source leads for investment in the AI and ML space.
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Contact information

Join The Fifth Elephant Telegram group on or WhatsApp group. Follow @fifthel on Twitter.
For inquiries, call The Fifth Elephant on +91-7676332020 or leave a comment here.

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Conversational Search in Flipkart

Submitted Sep 11, 2023


With Conversational Commerce becoming more popular, the way people search for products on a Conversational (Chat) Interface is very different from the way they search on a traditional “Search Text Box” based interface. This talk is around the differences, the challenges they pose and the solutionn to those challenges based on our learnings in Flipkart.

Broad Outline

Conversational Search is different from Traditional Search for the follwoing reasons.

  1. Long, descriptive and subjective queries - Eg. “Show me best camera phones with good battery life”. This is very different from traditional search queries which are keyword based. Eg. “5g phones”
  2. Suffer from Articulation gap - Eg. "Show me phones for daily use for my father. Here, we will need to understand what features of a phone are required for daily use and for elders. These queries are not performed on traditional search methods and its not natural.
  3. Lots of Comparison queries - Eg. “is vivo v15 better than oppo k10”.
  4. Required high relevance - Since lesser results are are shown in a chat based search, the results needs to be extremely relevant.

We used LLMs for solving for articulation gap and query re-write. We also used different labelling techniques such as using LLMs to label the results rather than relying on metrics such as CTR to get high quality labelled results to train our models.

We will cover all of the above in the talk.

Target Audience

Software Engineers and Data scients who are working on AI solutions for Search, Comparison and Recommendation problems.


Anantharam Vanchiprakash - LinkedIn
Sajal Gupta - [LinkedIn] (
Amey Patil - [LinkedIn] (
Shreyas Shetty - LinkedIn


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Make a submission

Accepting submissions till 15 Nov 2023, 11:59 PM

Bangalore International Centre (BIC), Bengaluru

Hosted by

All about data science and machine learning

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Providing all founders, at any stage, with free resources to build a successful startup.