The Fifth Elephant 2023 Winter

The Fifth Elephant 2023 Winter

On the engineering and business implications of AI & ML





How Differential Privacy Changed The World

Submitted Oct 25, 2023

How Differential Privacy Changed The World

and how engineering it into your pipelines can lead you to comply with legal requirements and meet consumer wants and needs.
  • We finally have a legal framework in India, The Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023, which presents GDPR like requirements for Data Governance and Personally Identifiable Information Protection.

  • Our agenda with this talk is to look into Differential Privacy, a game changing approach to robust and mathematically rigorous data privacy preservation. We pitch it as a practical solution, and at the same time, look into associated risks and ways to cope, with the privacy-utility being the basis of the tradeoff.

  • As a case study, we look at how Wikipedia used differential privacy to release aggregate statistics in a privacy preserved manner.

  • We will discuss how with the help of libraries like PyDP, OpenDP or PyTorch Opacus and Tensorflow Privacy, one can work towards incorporating sturdy privacy practices into datasets and pipelines to serve this need. as asked for by consumers, as well as comply with legal requirements that in the coming couple of years, even startups will be asked to in a stringent manner.


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