Droidcon India 2013

What's your thinking on Android this year?

To Android, with Love

Ramprakash R

42 minutes10 December 2013

Write once and deploy to multiple platforms using Intel XDK

38 minutes 9 December 2013

Creating an Offers Based X-Promo Framework

25 minutes 9 December 2013

Freemium Game Design

40 minutes 9 December 2013

Dalvik VM - Deep dive into what makes the Android apps run

46 minutes10 December 2013

Android Platform Security - Concepts, Attacks, Guidelines

Arun Joseph

43 minutes10 December 2013

Loading, Downloading, Rendering and Performance Bottlenecks - The Other Side of Usability

Garima Sharma

50 minutes10 December 2013

Designing the User Experience for complex layered apps

Anusha Jayanti

35 minutes10 December 2013

Volley with OkHttp: A Deadly Ultrafast Network Application

Bhaskar Gupta

45 minutes 9 December 2013

Building apps for the SmartWatch 2

Jonas Hellström

42 minutes 9 December 2013

Design by Understanding

Pooja Saxena

45 minutes11 December 2013

Optimize Performance in Android Apps

Sriram Ramani

34 minutes10 December 2013

Making Mobile Web Services that Don’t Suck

Christopher Neugebauer

42 minutes10 December 2013

Lessons learnt by porting our game engine from iOS to Android

Manish Mathai

21 minutes 9 December 2013
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