Droidcon India 2013

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Satyam Kandula

Dalvik VM - Deep dive into what makes the Android apps run

Submitted Oct 15, 2013

Understand the basics of Android’s DalvikVM architecture from the perspective of an App developer. Understand how it can influence your application and learn about possible tips and tricks that might help your app perform better


Android’s Dalvik VM is the engine on which all Android apps run. Its that normally silent and occasionally noisy backbone that Android developers take for granted.

This talk will take you through a journey of the Davlik VM and understand the inner workings of it (as much as you can in a 45-60 minute talk :)).

How the Dalvik VM architected, how is it different from a traditional Java VM, what is the process architecture, the Android bootup process sequence (never heard of Zygote? Dont worry, you will know more after the talk).

And along the way understand things that you, as an app developer, can do to take advantage of the VM’s architecture and behaviour.

Speaker bio

I am Satyam Kandula (Eclipse Committer and Co-founder/CTO @ Little Eye Labs) and am the stand-in speaker. In case anyone else from the community is interested to speak, do let me know, as my other co-founder is in the Program Committee and there is a potential conflict of interest.

Otherwise I have spoken at forums like GDG and IBM Rational conferences. I did my masters from IITK and have spent over 15+yrs in the industry, mostly working on building developer tools. I have so far avoided going to the dark side, though I am technically one because my title currently says CTO.


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