Droidcon India 2013

What's your thinking on Android this year?

Ramprakash R


To Android, with Love

Submitted Oct 18, 2013

To help developers, entrepreneurs and designers feel emotionally connected to the creative process — and care for details that could help them create meaningful products and services for today and the future.


The evolution of Android over the last few years has been interesting – from a mobile phone OS to a platform that spans across mobile use cases, wearables (Glass), and even space exploration - http://googlemobile.blogspot.in/2010/12/android-in-spaaaace.html
This very thought that a platform can scale beyond a simple mobile phone to a system of intelligence has brought tremendous potential to its design, technology and social impact.

Here, I’d like to focus on design; my talk would broadly cover the following topics:
1. Caring for the process — thinking beyond design delivery
2. Detailing — from evaulating metrics to emotions

Speaker bio

I’m a designer working at Khosla Labs, a startup incubator. My role as a design strategist involves shaping the company’s product portfolio by creating and standardising a design process. Prior to Khosla Labs, I worked at frog (a design and innovation firm), July Systems (cross-platform mobile solutions), hp labs (design research) and several startups. I’m really passionate about Android’s design evolution. If you share the same interests, feel free to reach out to me @ramprakash_r.


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