Droidcon India 2013

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Anusha Jayanti

Designing the User Experience for complex layered apps

Submitted Oct 7, 2013

A layered approach to making information heavy apps consumable.
This session will be about building an app which is functionally rich, by bringing the right features to the forefront.


Going beyond single screen dessert apps to layered and complex apps. How to present information in a layered consumable format. How can we build complex apps like Evernote, Google+, Facebook mobile first, and still maintain clarity and simplicity.
I will be talking about

  • Information layering
  • Information hierarchy, tools to build information architecture for mobile applications
  • Designing interactions and wireframes based on information hierarchy
  • Setting expectations and context for information
  • Creating the right zero state user experience
  • Examples of information heavy applications that got it right
  • Best practices

Speaker bio

I am currently working as a product architect with Dexetra. Before this, I was working as a UX design intern with Microsoft.
I previously worked as an Innovation consultant with Deloitte. I have an MBA from IIM Indore, and also hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from NIT Surat.


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