On 23 July 2022, Rootconf held a Birds of Feather discussion on whether Rust language is ready for adoption in enteprises at India FOSS 2.0 conference. The discussion showed that the question must be inverted - are Indian startups and enteprises ready for adopting Rust language? This Mini Conference will look at the following problem statements:

  1. “We want to build with Rust, what do we need to know” - for businesses and developers who will want to use Rust to develop solutions for specific use cases, what should they want to be aware of before they commit to this journey?
  2. “Designing things with Rust language” - exploring components and technical details of Rust language with a focus on building things. For e.g. connected mesh of internet of things, integrating Rust with other languages, monitoring dashboards, search engines, embedded systems, distributed systems and WASM.
  3. “Wait up! What about security and all the related topics” - evaluating software supply chain security, project stewardship, evolution of the language, tools and documentation, speed/memory related shaping and benchmarking, support for libraries.
  4. “Where are the Rust language jobs around us” - addressing the topic of growing the community to create a viable and long-term talent pool for businesses to acquire confidence while investing on their Rust language journey.

Speak at the conference

The Call for Proposals (CfP) is open. Talks will be curated by the conference editor, Rajasekharan Vengalil to fit the theme and sub topics.

In-person conference: This Mini Conference will be held on Friday, 2 December, at Microsoft Reactor, Lavelle Road, Bangalore. This is an in-person event. Register to participate in the event.

Code of Conduct: Hasgeek’s Code of Conduct applies to participants, speakers and sponsors participating in this Mini Conference.

COVID protocols and masking policy: In keeping with COVID protocols, the following is applicable to all participants:

  1. Participants attending in person must keep their vaccination certificate handy. The venue will ask you to show your vaccination certificate as proof of being fully vaccinated.
  2. Wearing masks is optional.

Contact information: For sponsorship queries, email sales@hasgeek.com For speaking at the conference, leave a comment here

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Featured submissions

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  • Sampras Lopes Speaker

    Building Fintech OSS using Rust at Juspay (Not a blockchain application!)

    At Juspay, we have adopted Rust to build an Open and Unified API for global payments. more

    25 Nov 2022

  • Swarnim Arun

    More Rusty-ness

    More Rusty-ness A primer on how we wrote our Rust Analysis system, and how & why we are incrementally adding more Rust to different parts of our individually isolated codebases and how we plan to take it to the next level to tackle some bigger challenges, writing unified systems and frameworks for analyzing simpler languages. more

    12 Nov 2022

  • Hithesh Bhat

    Hithesh Bhat Speaker

    Abhilash Gopalakrishna Speaker

    Every ounce of memory matters! Using Rust for edge devices at Ather.

    Before switching to Rust, the engineering team at Ather used C and GO predominantly. The team is now looking at Rust as a stack to move towards for most of its use-cases. The engineering team uses Rust in some of Ather’s services on the edge device, which has shown significant improvement in resource consumption and memory saftey. more

    25 Nov 2022

  • Sanchayan Maity

    Sanchayan Maity

    Using Rust for building multimedia pipelines using GStreamer

    A short primer on how Rust and GStreamer can be used for building multimedia pipelines. The back end application started out as a monolith written in Python utilizing GStreamer for multimedia bits. Iteratively parts of the application were moved over from Python by writing custom GStreamer components in Rust. more

    19 Nov 2022

  • Kannan S Editor

    Sanchayan Maity

    Sanchayan Maity Emcee

    Devdutt Shenoi Emcee

    Rust India BoF on Hiring for Rust

    This transcript - is mostly as is - edited lightly from the discussion on hiring for Rust which was held at the conference on 2nd November 2022. As per Chatham House Rules, names have not been mentioned in this transcript to prevent attribution of quotes to persons. more

    17 Dec 2022


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Every ounce of memory matters! Using Rust for edge devices at Ather.

Every ounce of memory matters! Using Rust for edge devices at Ather.

Abhilash Gopalakrishna and Hithesh Bhat, Ather

24 minutes 2 December 2022
Using Rust and GStreamer for building multimedia pipelines

Using Rust and GStreamer for building multimedia pipelines

Sanchayan Maity, Consultant at Asymptotic

29 minutes 2 December 2022
Adding Rust incrementally to codebase - DeepSource's journey with Rust

Adding Rust incrementally to codebase - DeepSource's journey with Rust

Swarnim Arun, Rust engineer at DeepSource

22 minutes 2 December 2022
Building Fintech OSS using Rust at Juspay (Not a blockchain application!)

Building Fintech OSS using Rust at Juspay (Not a blockchain application!)

Sampras Lopes, Juspay

31 minutes 2 December 2022


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