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  • Rust language in enterprise use

Rustlang for enterprises is a forum to:

  1. Provide the necessary business intelligence to organizations desiring to invest in Rust as a programming language of choice.
  2. Build better understanding about the needs of the industry based on current trends.

The forum will do this by producing relatable content i.e. talks, reports, summary, etc to highlight specific issues and themes.

The key themes that this forum will expand on are:

  • Accelerating the adoption of Rust language in enterprises.
  • Better product and services design using Rust language.
  • Rust language internals and technical details.

Participate in the forum by:

  • Sharing your work with Rust language in the form of talks, blogs, write-ups.
  • Reviewing case studies published on this forum.
  • Posting comments on submissions.

Rust lang for enterprises forum is incubated by Rootconf.

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