Rootconf Pune edition

Rootconf Pune edition

On security, network engineering and distributed systems

eBPF: BPF kernel infrastructure

T K Sourabh, Performance engineer at Red Hat

32 minutes10 October 2019

Software/Site Reliability of Distributed Systems

Piyush Verma, SRE head at

43 minutes10 October 2019

Scaling for 25 million concurrent viewers

Gaurav Kamboj, Cloud architect at Hotstar

46 minutes22 November 2019

Implementing distributed tracing in FaaS

Bhavin Gandhi, Software engineer at InfraCloud Technologies

39 minutes10 October 2019

OpenQA - Life too short for Manual Testing

Pooja Yadav

5 minutes10 October 2019

Using DNS as a layer of defense

Swapneel Patnekar, Network and security engineer at Shreshta IT

34 minutes10 October 2019

Journey of Hotstar's infrastructure from EC2 to containers

Prakhar Joshi, Infrastructure engineer at Hotstar

30 minutes10 October 2019

fStream: continuous intelligence at scale in Flipkart

Arya Ketan, Software architect at Flipkart

32 minutes10 October 2019
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