Rootconf Pune edition

Rootconf Pune edition

On security, network engineering and distributed systems



Prakhar Joshi


Journey of Hotstar Infra from EC2 to containers

Submitted Jul 26, 2019

This talk will focus on Hotstar’s journey from EC2 to Kubernetes. The main reasons for migrating to kuberntes was the challenges and limitations we faced while scaling infrastructure of Hotstar at peaks. This talk will also cover challenges faced during migrations and performance tuning of applications on containers.


  1. About Hotstar
  2. Hotstar at IPL 2018
  3. Ec2 challenges at Scale
  4. Migration to kubernetes
  5. Challanges in kubernetes migration
  6. Performance tuning for IPL’19 and WC
  7. Hotstar at IPL’19/WC

Speaker bio

Prakhar is Infrastructure Engineer at Hotstar, India’s leading OTT provider that holds a global concurrency record for live streaming to 25Mn+ viewers. At Hotstar, he loves automating deployments using terraform and scale infrastrure of hotstar on kubernetes. He is also passionate about Infra security.



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