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Pooja Yadav


OpenQA - Life too short for Manual Testing

Submitted Jul 18, 2019

Nowadays, we have a new upgrade for any OS every three or six months with diversified nature as they are supported on different platforms with different flavor making difficult for QE’s to test each and every new release manually. In this session I will cover how we can automate tests for installation process of an operating system in a wide combination of software and hardware configurations. Target audience will be QE but anyone interested can join the talk. Key takeways will be audience will learn how the the whole installation process of an OS can be automated and tested with detailed logs and results.


OpenQA is free software. This tool solved a major issue of mine which I was facing while automating OS installation tests, it helped me to test the OS installation in various languages. It uses virtual machines to reproduce the process and using this tool we can interact with the OS like a user, we can send necessary keystrokes, clicks and commands to proceed that made my work very easy. This tool help to test and match with the fast upgrades and revision of the OS.
The session will cover following things:
-Need for automation
-Brief introduction about the tool
-Basic Concepts
-Result and Reporting

Speaker bio

I am a Quality engineer at Red Hat, Pune and love to contribute to Fedora events like Test days, bug triage activity, organizing Fedora Womens Day. I have worked on different testing tools and framework like Robot Framework, Behave, Pytest, OpenQA.



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