Rootconf Pune edition

Rootconf Pune edition

On security, network engineering and distributed systems

ashutoshh singh


Container network securiy and replacement of docker with podman & buildah

Submitted Jul 17, 2019

Securing network with SDN is not quiet easy and best practise idea will be about taking daemon less approach to manage image and containers
alog with container security in terms of network and infrastructure and bound in root jail.


  1. Container the new way with podman and buildah
  2. some advanced concepts and real use case like NOSQL (hbase , cassendra)
  3. scaling with security and scaling stability
  4. migration of containers in network security context
  5. Data flow with network security
  6. automation with ansible in secure way


  1. Very basic knowledge of docker
  2. some idea about network related protocols like , tcp , udp , https
  3. Good understanding of linux
  4. Concepts with cloud security

Speaker bio

Ashutoshh Singh –CKA / Openshift / Ansible / Data scientist
Experience - years
Ex- Devconf India speaker 2018
Contributer in :- Fedora , openstack community


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