Rootconf 2017

On service reliability

A little bot for big cause

Pooja Shah

30 minutes22 May 2017

'Razor' sharp provisioning for baremetal servers

Azhar Hussain

22 minutes22 May 2017

Deployment strategies with Kubernetes

Aditya Patawari

35 minutes11 April 2019

FreeBSD is not a Linux distribution

Philip Paeps

49 minutes22 May 2017

Spotswap: running production APIs on spot instances

Aruna Sankaranarayanan

30 minutes22 May 2017

MySQL troubleshooting tl;dr

Ligaya Turmelle

18 minutes22 May 2017

Autonomous application delivery: faster more reliable release management

G. Clifford Williams

33 minutes22 May 2017

Adventures in Postgres management

Ramanan Balakrishnan

32 minutes22 May 2017

Capacity planning for your data stores

Colin Charles

1 hour22 May 2017

A quick how-to on capacity planning for an application deployed in AWS and how to use this information for configuring AWS autoscaling policies

Laxmi Nagarajan

20 minutes22 May 2017

"Asynchronous" integration tests for microservices

Ramya A

19 minutes22 May 2017

Failure resilient architecture with microservice dependencies

Kunal Grover

19 minutes22 May 2017

Working with Secrets

Shrey Agarwal

19 minutes22 May 2017

Living with SELinux

Toshaan Bharvani

40 minutes22 May 2017

State of the open source monitoring landscape

Bernd Erk

45 minutes22 May 2017

What should be PID 1 in a container?

Ranjith Rajaram

30 minutes22 May 2017

Necessary tooling and monitoring for performance critical applications

Manan Bharara

1 hour22 May 2017
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