Rootconf 2017

On service reliability

Bernd Erk

Bernd Erk


State of the open source monitoring landscape

Submitted Mar 20, 2017

The last five years have seen revolutionary changes in the monitoring landscape. Many groundbreaking movements like #DevOps have forced people to rethink the importance of monitoring service availability and metrics. Bringing more organisations to the mind shift that monitoring should happen much earlier in their development process has changed the requirements dramatically. Monitoring is no longer just an operations discipline, it has also become an integral part of the development process. New requirements for dynamic reconfigurability, metrics collection and the ability to provide “monitoring as a service” have pushed various monitoring toolstacks into another era.

This talk will give a broad overview of the current tool development out there and highlight the individual advantages and disadvantages. Focusing on a wide set of availability, metrics and user experience solutions it will also cover different approaches to integrate your favorite tools into a powerful monitoring software stack.


The talk will cover a bunch of trending Open Source tools in the area of availability monitoring, performance metrics and log-handling. Coverage stretches from a short introduction to a pro and cons comparison.

Speaker bio

Bernd Erk is CEO and co-founder of the Icinga Project. In his day job he is CEO at NETWAYS, an open source service company. His technical expertise stretches across systems management, managed services and software development. As a core member of DevOpsDays organizers, he tries to spread the DevOps spirit wherever and whenever possible.


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