Rootconf 2017

On service reliability

Shrey Agarwal


Working with Secrets

Submitted Mar 10, 2017

Tha talk is about evaluating Hashicorp’s solution Vault for storing Secrets.The talk is for intermediate level audience who build Applications which need to save secrets such as databases credentials, passwords, etc. and have basic knowledge of cryptography.


Identified Problem

Hashicorp Vault Basics

  1. CLI Walkthrough of vault.
  2. Basic Architecture and Key algorithm.

Interfacing Vault with App

Putting Vault in Practice
1.Secure Distribution of Keys
2.Best Practices
3.High Availability


Laptop for CLI

Speaker bio

Shrey Agarwal works with Paytm as Sr. Eng. Manager. He has been working on linux for some years and has worked with variety of sub-systems in Paytm. He lives in Delhi, loves travelling, sports and programming. He has given a flash talk on Business Rule Engine in Jsfoo 2016.



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