ReactFoo Delhi

On React, performance and front-end engineering

Flash talk: React-Redux performance: one connected parent versus multiple connected children

Jayant Bhawal, Software developer at Shuttl

26 November 2019

Scalable Redux store patterns for large web applications

Shivam Kantival, Product development engineer at Mindtickle

26 November 2019

Building accessible React applications

Vikas Parashar, Software developer at HackerRank

26 November 2019

Introducing React in a monolithic architecture: Microsoft's journey

Rajat Aggarwal, Member of Microsoft India R&D team

26 November 2019

Building a high performance mobile-first web app: a case study of Jabong PWA

Upendra Dev Singh, Director of Engineering at Myntra Jabong

26 November 2019

Micro front-end architecture: a case study of the fitment widget on

Nidhi Sadanand, Distinguished engineer at

26 November 2019

Building data-driven applications with ReactiveSearch

Kuldeep Saxena, Developer at

26 November 2019

Keeping React Redux healthy

Heena Mahour, Senior software engineer at Zomato

26 November 2019

Brahmos.js: React without VDOM

Sudhanshu Yadav, Front-end architect at HackerRank

26 November 2019