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Micro Frontend Architecture - A Case Study of the Fitment Widget on


Nidhi Sadanand


This talk outlines an approach and usecase for development of Embedded Components using Micro Front end architecture. The Key takeway is the design goals and constraints when developing components that have to live another hosted page and choices that have worked in


The session will consist of
1. What Micro Frontends architecture is in brief
2. Problem that we are trying to solve with this Architecture
3. What are the constraints that need to be adhered to
4. Deep dive into the Fitment widget and the design it uses
5. Design Elements and Details of this implementation
6. Q&A at the end of the sssion


Should have some exposure to Frontend development.

Speaker bio

Nidhi Sadanand is a Distinguished Engineer working on various Customer facing applications on including the Search Experience and the Omnichannel experiences. She has 18 years of experience working as full stack developer in various domains including eCommerce, Gaming and Financial Services.