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Kuldeep Saxena


Building data-driven apps with ReactiveSearch

Submitted Aug 13, 2019

ElasticSearch is a blazing fast, open-source, full-text search engine. It allows you to store, search, and analyze big volumes of data quickly (we are talking milliseconds here). It is generally used as the underlying engine/technology that powers applications that have complex search features and requirements.
With Elasticsearch, you can build a fast search utilizing its powerful Query DSL. However, setting up Elasticsearch correctly requires a lot of work. For instance, the data mapping, analyzers, and tokenizers need to be set correctly or you may not receive accurate search results back. Besides, the more filters that get applied along with the search query, the more complex the resulting search query becomes.

We have built some open-source tools to help you do all these things with the matter of some clicks.
Tool to add data into Elasticsearch — Importer
Tool to view Elasticsearch data like an excel sheet — Data Browser
Tool to generate relevant Elasticsearch queries easily — Query Builder
Tool to build UI components with an Elasticsearch backend — Reactive Search (we will be talking about this in the talk).

Reactive Search is an open-source library which offers a range of rich and highly customizable UI components that can connect with an Elasticsearch index hosted anywhere. You can create amazing UIs with a declarative syntax, which can be extended with ElasticSearch’s Query DSL.

Who should attend?
- Have you ever wanted a blazing fast search with a combination of esoteric filters(fuzzy, geo, terms, range, multiple items)?
- Are you looking for a solution which can save time by providing an out of the box search experience?
- Are you already familiar with ReactiveSearch and want to learn more?
- Are you interested in what we’re building next & upcoming features in ReactiveSearch 3.0?


  1. Introduction to Data-Driven apps
  2. How to Elasticsearch?
  3. Introduction to ReactiveSearch
  4. A demo app with explanation
  5. ReactiveSearch Architecture
  6. ReactiveSearch Ecosystem (Maps, Vue & React-Native)
  7. Q&A



Speaker bio

I have an experience of 3+ years with some cool startups and latest tech stack like ReactJS, ReactNative, VueJS and NodeJs etc.
As a full-stack developer, I love to do experiments with the latest web technologies, nowadays I’m exploring golang.

I am working with & previously worked at GeekyAnts.

There is a special place in my heart for the OSS, you can check some of the popular open-source contributions by me:




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