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Rajat Aggarwal


New React Child in Daddy’s Code – A Microsoft Journey

Submitted Oct 1, 2019

This talk is about how we at Microsoft using react to create sharable component at office 365 products.
Idea behind this talk is to demonstrate how companies who have monolithic code working on different technologies can leverage react and introduce new world of react possibilities without affecting the old ecosystem.
Microsoft Word, Powerpoint etc product those are running on win32 platform and technology like c, c++, c# and script# now clubbing with typescript and react to give rich features on web.
Tools and architecture by which we make this possible - used by approx. 200 Million users in a day.


How we introduced React in monolithic architecture

How we create sharable architecture
2.Appchrome with nugget cache
3.Typescript and script sharp similarity
4.Reduced js size.

Telmetry and performance logging
1.Logging que implementation
2.Component level logging.

React with Tensorflow
1.A glimpse towards Machine learning under the hood of react.


Good listner :)

Speaker bio

I am currently part of Microsoft India R&D and taking care of the Microsoft Word online web interaction. Prior to this I was handling workplace analytics in microsoft which was react based application dashboard for b2b organization to analyze and calculate their custom metrices.
I am having experience of working with Hotstar, Dominos,
I have worked on many products revamping from others tech to react and helped few startups to create their initial pilots.



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