ReactFoo Delhi

ReactFoo Delhi

On React, performance and front-end engineering

After a successful edition in Delhi in 2018, we are back with the 2019 edition of ReactFoo Delhi.

ReactFoo Delhi features talks and discussions on:

  1. Redux and state management
  2. Performance improvements with React
  3. Modernizing legacy architecture with React
  4. Why choose React Native
  5. GraphQL and front-end development

Product and front-end engineers from Atlassian,, Zomato, Microsoft, HackerRank, Mindtickle and will share insights from practical experiences.

Who should attend:

  1. Front-end engineers
  2. Product engineers
  3. Cross-platform mobile developers

Why attend ReactFoo Delhi:

  1. Learn from and network with peers from the industry.
  2. Improve developer productivity of your front-end teams.
  3. Make your web applications faster and performant.

Date and schedule

16 November 2019


C D Deshmukh auditorium, India International Centre (IIC) Main, 40 Max Mueller Marg, Lodhi Gardens, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi - 110003.

Contact details:

For information about the event, sponsorships, bulk ticket purchases and partnerships, write to or call 7676332020.


Click here to view the Sponsorship Deck.

Email us for bulk ticket purchases, and any queries on the sponsorship.

ReactFoo Delhi 2019 sponsors:

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Community Sponsor

GO-JEK MindTickle
HackerRank Walmart

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A community - for and of - front-end engineers to share experiences with ReactJS, performant apps with React, crafting better User Interfaces (UI) with React and GraphQL ecosystem. ReactFoo also discusses design patterns and user experience. more

Neha Sharma


Your Guide to Making Scalable Design Systems

Submitted Oct 1, 2019

Are you making a Design System?
Confuse how to start and how to make a scalable deisgn system? In this talk I will be sharing about our Journey about learning , challenges, journey of making the scalable design system for more than 30+ products.


Every product is building their design system. However, the challenge comes when you have to build a scalable Design system. Recently at my work we have developed design system in react for 30+ enterprise products. In this talk , I will address:

  • Why we decided to have DS

  • How we brought all 30+ products requirements on one page

  • How we developed the DS in react to make it scalable

  • What was our biggest challenges and learnings

  • and how we kept ‘reusability’ of code, ‘scaling’ of code as well as ‘adaption’ of new technologies in mind while developing.

This talk is suitable for every developer, product manager, Engineering manager who wants to start with DS or have their own DS too.

PS: Our design system is not open-source. This talk is purely about knowledge sharing from a developer experience to developers. So, no makreting pitch :)

Speaker bio

I am Neha Sharma have 10 years of experience in UI domain. Apart from my full time job I am the organizer of a community JSLovers and active speakers in India and international conferences.



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Rajat Aggarwal

New React Child in Daddy’s Code – A Microsoft Journey

This talk is about how we at Microsoft using react to create sharable component at office 365 products. Idea behind this talk is to demonstrate how companies who have monolithic code working on different technologies can leverage react and introduce new world of react possibilities without affecting the old ecosystem. Microsoft Word, Powerpoint etc product those are running on win32 platform and … more

01 Oct 2019