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PureScript workshop

Submitted by Brian McKenna (@puffnfresh) on Aug 25, 2019

Section: Workshop Technical level: Advanced Status: Confirmed


PureScript is a small, typed, functional programming language which compiles to JavaScript. Some of the goals are to require no runtime by compiling to minimal JavaScript and to provide a simple Foreign Function Interface to interact with existing JavaScript. PureScript has seen some commercial adoption and has many libraries available for writing functional web front-ends.


Full-day hands-on workshop on how to build interactive web applications using PureScript.

  1. Write a front-end web application using pure functions.
  2. Learn some of the many tools used for writing PureScript applications.
  3. Use the FFI to interact with existing JavaScript.

Speaker bio

Brian McKenna is a Senior Engineer teaching functional programming to the Atlassian Marketplace team in Bengaluru. Brian has contributed to the PureScript compiler and many PureScript libraries. He has commercial experience with PureScript in creating an open-source front-end to SlamData.



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