JSFoo 2015

The future of JavaScript

Full stack home automation prorotyping in Javascript

Arnav Gupta

20 minutes24 September 2015

Droids, JavaScript and Web Connected Hardware

Andrew Fisher

24 minutes24 September 2015

Sponsored: JavaScript Plugin Architecture for Single Page Applications

Bala Dutt

27 minutes19 September 2015

Remotely debug any JavaScript code through Vorlon.JS

Saurabh Kirtani

21 minutes19 September 2015

What makes a community? Trust, Care and Passion: The Feeling of Belonging.


1 hour24 September 2015

Deep Dive into Rxjs Observables.

Pavithra Kodmad

41 minutes23 September 2015

Flying a drone autonomously with JS


23 minutes24 September 2015

Learning djembe visually with p5.js

Amit Kapoor

27 minutes24 September 2015

Building 3D Games using Babylon.js

Abhishek Narain

41 minutes24 September 2015

An introduction to search-index.js

Mats Olsen

41 minutes21 September 2015

Building a self learning word prediction and auto-correct module for FirefoxOS and openweb handling multilingual input

Rabimba Karanjai

37 minutes24 September 2015

Brewing JavaScript: Compile your own domain-specific language to JavaScript

Mansi Shah

13 minutes19 September 2015

JavaScript VM internals, EventLoop, Async and ScopeChains

Arindam Paul

38 minutes23 September 2015

JavaScript for Competitive Programming

Pranay Dubey

20 minutes19 September 2015

Building Cross Platform Desktop App using Web Technologies with Electron

rahul rout

21 minutes23 September 2015

Understand, find, prevent and fix memory leaks in JavaScript

Anirudh Sanjeev

19 minutes23 September 2015

Going Functional with JS


49 minutes19 September 2015

Metaprogramming - A journey into ES6

Suhas SG

36 minutes23 September 2015


Mathias Bynens

43 minutes19 September 2015

The future of chat

Guillermo Rauch

1 hour24 September 2015

Orchestrating the Web Audio API


41 minutes19 September 2015
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