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What makes a community? Trust, Care and Passion: The Feeling of Belonging.

Submitted Sep 9, 2015

Showing you a connection that is defined through an invisible bond of trust and passion, a connection that can can sustain over decades (like a family?)


We, those computer-people and jugaadus, are somewhat of freaks, aren’t we? Still we belong to different groups: E.g. most of us feel as a part of the JS-Community, some of us feel as a hacker, as a technologist, or as any other kind of person, that has a feeling of belonging to similar kind of other persons. It’s often called a community but what does it mean, to be part of a community? Is it just a group of people doing similiar things at some point of time? Isn’t it also about trust, but also about caring for each other, and even sharing a life together? But how does that work, being close and that feeling of belonging, while being such freaks, being so different from others and also so different from each other?


Open mind and open heart.

Speaker bio

sva is founder and mentor of various hackspaces and active member of Chaos Computer Club (CCC). Her first contact to India was with the Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) in 2013, where she e.g. restarted the Cryptoparty movement just before Snowden came in limelight. In the last decade she has organized many events like the Chaos Communication Congress (C3). While in India, she and some friends had the crazy idea to start something in the Himalayas (and later at the Beach): Check out hillhacks.in and hackbeach.in to learn more, but don’t be confused: The whole approach is voluntary, and therefore the websites aren’t too nice... make one for them!


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