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Pavithra Kodmad

Pavithra Kodmad


Deep Dive into Rxjs Observables.

Submitted Jul 28, 2015


Observables in Rxjs are the founding bricks of Functional Reactive Programming in Javascript. Being an enumerable future and containing async behaviour are what define Observables. Lets get a step closer to why Observables are so powerful. Tools like composition and higher order fns are needed to use Observables. Immutability is the state that we achieve in the process. I will explain each of these aspects in greater detail. Using Observables in day to day programming is the primary focus of the talk.


The plan for the talk is as follows

  1. Functional javascript - the basics, higher order functions, a questionable explanation of monads.
  2. Observables - The enumerable you can use functionally to handle series of asynchronous input.
  3. Immutable data - Maintain pureness of code with example.
  4. Everyday usage - Opportunities for using Observables anywhere. Native or framework wrapped javacript.


  • A good understanding of Javascript.
  • An understanding of functional programming.(map, filter, reduce, curry)

Speaker bio

I’m a javascripter from the past 4 years. I have written a lot of bad code, before I figured out the common mistakes I make writing declaratively and maintaining a ton of state. Discovering functional programming, brought a sudden and huge improvement to my code and my reasonability around it. I also found out that writing functional code is definitely way more difficult than non-functional programming, that your functions have to follow laws and your data can never change. But while im still riding this learning curve, I am constantly becoming a much more productive programmer inspite of myself! FRP ftw!


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