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Arindam Paul


JavaScript VM internals, EventLoop, Async and ScopeChains

Submitted Jul 29, 2015

After this talk someone should be able to understand and reason about the JS runtime, eventloop, memory allocations for functions, scope chains, closures and async programming in JavaScript.


The goal of this talk would be to provide a good understanding of the following,

  • A crisp understanding of the JavaScript VM and how a single threaded engine can be massively parallel.
  • How event loop and callbacks works, example of blocking and non-blocking codes, ES6 generators for custom Async signaling.
  • How function definitions happen and invocations happen, how scope chains are formed, what closures are and how to reason about them.
  • Async programming, how reactive programming works at the bottom level, how event listeners registers themselves and then deregisters.



Speaker bio

Works at Amazon for over 3 years, very very passionate about frontend engineering and tooling, full time Angular developer at Amazon. Recently moved from Seattle office to Bangalore. Also, works on backend DB layer (NoSQL only :)), Java, SpringMVC and all other obligatory things for a full stack developer.

Also a huge Ruby on Rails enthusiast and lately MEAN stack developer.




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