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Pranay Dubey


JavaScript for Competitive Programming

Submitted Jul 12, 2015

To explain the optimizations required to be able to use JavaScript for competitive programming and be able to solve them in the given amount of time without being victim of getting a timeout or insufficient memory, and using those optimizations as an advantage when building web applications.


Competitive programming requires lots of Data Structures / Algorithm knowledge to be able to perform efficiently. Though this knowledge is helpful, there are certain optimizations that can be done in the language(JavaScript) itself that would allow the program to be executed faster. These optimizations can be done efficiently if we get an idea of ‘behind-the-scene’ execution of our program.

JavaScript lacks in two main areas which(as of now) makes it unfavourable for competitive programming:

1.Speed - Includes programs like calculating 25000th prime number which is around 5x times slower in comparison to c,c++ using the same algorithm.

2.Memory - Includes programs like calculating factorial of a big number(say 1000) while in JavaScript you get ‘infinity’ for factorial of any number above 170 because it exceeds the number limit.

The talk will be focused on discussing these limitations and ways to overcome them, thus making JavaScript a suitable choice for Competitive programming.


Moderate level knowledge of JavaScript
Basic knowledge of algorithm and data structures.

Speaker bio

I work as a Principal Engineer at Cuelogic Technologies and have been into full stack JavaScript development since last 3 years. I like participating in competitive programming and have been an active competitor in hackerrank.com. I also like contributing into open source projects and have been devoting my spare time in github and other open source communities.




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