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Anirudh Sanjeev


Understand, find, prevent and fix memory leaks in JavaScript

Submitted May 19, 2015

Be aware of patterns which can cause memory usage and performance degradation. And also some steps on how to fix and prevent them.


  1. Do we even need to worry about JS memory. It’s garbage collected after all.
  2. How do JS engines implement Garbage Collection and other memory stuff.
  3. How memory is managed outside the JS world - in Java, C, etc.
  4. Common ways you can leak memory or take up too much of it.
  5. How to use chrome devtools to find memory leaks.
  6. Understanding retaining trees and retaining paths - a core concept a good JS dev should know.

Speaker bio

I’m currently a Product Manager at HelpShift. In my free time I work on my open source project crudkit. I have been working with JavaScript since 2009. I previously was the co-founder and dev lead at RazorFlow.


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