JSFoo 2014

JavaScript as the centerpiece of a complex web stack

Event-based architecture at Scrollback

Aravind R S

35 minutes19 September 2014

Building a real ambitious application using Ember, Node & CouchDB

Sameer Segal

24 minutes21 September 2014

Test Driving Your Javascript Code

Prateek Dayal

47 minutes19 September 2014

Node on Microsoft Azure – Real world scenarios

Tulika Chaudharie

39 minutes19 September 2014

The road to Ember-Data 1.0

Abhimanyu Chakravarty

37 minutes21 September 2014

Pretty UI for Angular Apps Using Kendo UI Core


13 minutes21 September 2014

Javascript and mathematical computing across servers and clients

Rudi MK

17 minutes21 September 2014

Safety Not Guaranteed

Akash Mahajan

15 minutes21 September 2014

FML - the no-format content format (?!)

Sunil Pai

33 minutes21 September 2014

UI @ Flipkart: A Node Direction

Abhinav Rastogi

32 minutes21 September 2014

Home Brewing R.U.M - Analyzing application performance with real user monitoring

Ankit Rastogi

16 minutes21 September 2014

A curated tour of awesome JavaScript sources: Backbone edition

Gaurav Dadhania

27 minutes19 September 2014

Building single page apps with React.JS

Vagmi Mudumbai

3 hours26 September 2014

A Crisp talk on


21 minutes19 September 2014

Securing your nodejs deployments while you sleep

Ahamed Nafeez

19 minutes19 September 2014

Managing API Resources and Their Relationships on the Front-end

Himanshu Kapoor

35 minutes19 September 2014

Amplify your stack - Deux

Sunil Pai

33 minutes19 September 2014

Meteor | Developing TeamSync (Real Time Collaboration Tool) Using Meteor

Febin John James

3 hours29 September 2014
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