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Sameer Segal


Building a real ambitious application using Ember, Node & CouchDB

Submitted Jun 24, 2014

There has been a lot of talk about Ember helping you build an ambitious web application. Other than the usual examples of Zendesk, Vimeo, etc there hasn’t been an example closer to home. We have been using Ember since its beta / rc days. We have found Ember to be an absolute pleasure to work with (even though there are days when we tear our hair) and hope that our works gives you an insight into Ember and its tools.

Please look at the attached presentation and write down in the comments section if there are specific topics that you would like us to go through. Thanks


We work with small banks and financial services agencies to provide loans to the poor. This is a real product being used by low literate, first time technology users.

We have built an ‘ambitious’ application for the have-nots. Our application spans across 600+ coffee files. We split this into 5 app-lets to develop and test independently. These 5 app-lets are loaded and combined into a massive ember app at runtime. We have written custom adapters to work with CouchDB and Lucene which we would like to share.

We would share specific parts of our product to give you an insight and share code samples of Ember, Nodejs and
CouchDB (all JS)! Specifically we will cover the following:

  • Ember App Kit - Tweaking EAK & Ember Resolver to split your projects into sub-projects
  • Ember Data - Adapters & Serializers
  • Ember Testing

Please look at the attached presentation and write down in the comments section if there are specific topics that you would like us to go through. Thanks


Laptop, Google Chrome and Github Account

Speaker bio

Kaushik Bhat, Web Engineer, Artoo
Kaushik was inspired to join Artoo, by the enthusiasm of the team towards inclusive technology. In Artoo, he works with the Engineering team to make complex processes simple and fast for the people working at the BoP. Prior to Artoo, Kaushik worked with Infosys’ Products Division building scalable web products. He holds a BE from the University of Mumbai. He is inquisitive, loves all things web and believes that technology, in itself, is pointless unless it affects people.

Sameer Segal, Founder & CEO, Artoo
Sameer has been recognized as one of Asia-Pacific’s most promising young social entrepreneurs by the Paragon100 Fellowship. He holds a BTech from the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka and is a StartingBloc Fellow (MIT Sloan). His passion is inclusive technology, something he discovered during his internship with Ujjivan, one of the fastest growing microfinance institutions in the world. After a brief stint at HSBC Bank’s Analytics division, Sameer started Artoo in 2010. He is a self-taught geek and works on the entire technology stack from Android to Cloud.

  • www.artoo.in
  • sameersegal.github.io




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