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Brameshmadhav Srinivasan


HAAAS - HTML App as a Service

Submitted Jun 26, 2014

In the ever evolving JS world, this is the next big thing really. To create apps that other websites can use and read back data from those apps.
Topics covered:
Spot IM - Chat as a service. (App built with Angular)
A short demonstration illustrating the usage of SPOT


SPOT IM has raisen the bars where JS can take us. Social media is not a website anymore. You dont have to advertise your content in someone else’s website anymore. Make people talk in your website, about your website. Make them have personal, candid talks. I mean the idea is just simply brilliant.

spot.im made me ponder on a host of new things we can do with JS and CORS. I want to share this with you. I want to hear from you on all the different possibilities.

“And ours shall be the earth and everthing in it” :)

Speaker bio

In love with the front end world. Sr. Interactive Developer @ Sapient. Love to hack stuff. Crazy about all the new things js can bring to the world


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